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 Jennova technology can be customized to fit many needs. Its harvesting technology works off readily available sources and its design can be paralleled to maximize power output.

Energy Harvesting

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The Jennova/Nordic Self-Powered Multi-Sensor Board

Energy-harvesting is the term used for gathering lost or unused energy. This could be ambient energy or energy lost in process functions. The purpose of energy-harvesting is to capture this energy in order to make it useable. While the implementation of IoT will require energy-harvesting to reach its fullest potential, there are a growing number of uses and benefits for energy-harvesting today. At Jennova we work together with companies developing IoT solutions, in order to make their energy-harvesting needs a reality. 

DSC 0105CroppedSmallFor most people, the term "Energy-Harvesting" refers to large-scale methods. Such as solar panels, wind farms, and aquatic turbines. Jennova's technology is considered small-scale energy harvesting. The primary methods of small-scale energy-harvesting are thermodynamic, photovoltaic, piezoelectric, and electrodynamic. In the past, many energy harvesting methods have failed to satisfy real-world IoT needs. However, at Jennova we work directly with companies to design a specific energy harvesting platform that is designed to satisfy the power needs of their IoT solution based on their actual environment. Our electrodynamic EH technology primarily gathers energy that is lost in motion. This is motion found either directly in process functions, or in systems used to monitor or maintain equipment, in infrastructure stability, or a variety of other readily available options. Current tests and usage show a significant amount of energy can be harvested using Jennova technology, and the design is highly scalable as well, which means there is no easy way to define the amount of power harvested. Depending on your enviorment, we can adapt our technology to fit your needs. That's why at Jennova it's not about how much power we generate, but how much power you need.



Why an R&D Approach?

Addmitedly, an R&D approach is typically more costly for the company performing the research and development. Over the years that Jennova has been working in energy harvesting we have realized a few key issues.

1. Power Consistency

Most energy harvesting platforms are highly suseptible to intermittency threats. Just like a solar panel is only performing well in broad daylight, most energy harvesting platforms are suseptible to elongated periods of ineffecient power outputl


2. Power Availability

In the lab most energy harvesters perform well, but how do they do in the real world? Your facilities specific environment is different from every other environment, and as such the performance of an energy harvester will vary. If there is not enough cosistent, reliable power available then the energy harvester has failed.


3. Power Requirements

The IoT as a realized solution will develop in stages. Intitial stages that provide the most immediate value will vary from one company or facility to the next. In order to ensure a long-term, reliable power supply an energy harvesting platform must be designed with the specific performance needs of the system in mind.


Our Why Is Your Confidence

Because of the above-mentioned issues and more, we take an individualized R&D approach to every energy harvesting platform that we develop. We have a core energy harvesting circuitry that acts as an amplifier and we have performed numerous tests with a wide variety of harvesting methods. Your IoT solution is as unique as the environment that it will reside within. Our goal is to develop an energy harvesting platform that is custom-tailored to your environment with your power performance needs in mind. From start to finish we set out to bring you a one-of-a-kind power source. 

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The possible applications for our Energy-Harvesting technology are endless. That is why Jennova is not developing a one-size-fits-all product, instead, we are eager to work with you to create a meaningful solution specifically desinged for with your goals in mind. 

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Have you considered Energy-Harvesting?

Small-Scale Energy-Harvesting solutions have existed for some time. Where traditional solutions have generated relatively small amounts of energy, limiting the number of possibilities, our Electrodynamic EH technology is generating significantly higher amounts of energy. The opportunities are vast and we are eager to work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs, contact us with your EH goals.

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