Jennova is currently working with several companies on exciting new products in multiple fields. We are not currently able to discuss full details due to legal obligations, however we will provide what information we can as soon as we are able. If you are interested in working with Jennova, or would like to stay up to date on any projects we are working on with our other partners, please contact us and we will keep you in the loop on our newest products and technology.


The Jennova/AutoHack Automotive Tachometer 


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Jennova is pleased to have been able to work with AutoHack in developing an energy harvesting powered sensor for their automotive tachometer. This design simplifies the installation and makes the tachometer a viable solution for any diesel enegine. 

The Jennova/Nordic Self-Powered Multi-Sensor Board 

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 In this video we are demonstrating our combined product of the Jennova EH-micro and Nordic nRF51822. This would offer a self-powered multi-sensor board, capable of taking multiple sensor inputs and transmitting their data simultaneously via bluetooth®. The ability for this kind of technology to now be self-powered opens up a world of new possibilities, and easy of access to a broader range of users. The Jennova EH-micro technology is cost-effective both for is power generation and simple installation, which drasticlly reduces the cost of man hours to integrate this (and similar products) into the workplace. It's small design and power-on-the-go technology makes this a great choice for stationary and moving platforms (autos, aircraft, marine, etc.), and the multi-sensor design allows for easy addition of new sensor readings as the need arises.


Cymbet Energy Harvester using the Jennova Transducer

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This video features some of our Energy Harvesting technology being used with the Cymbet CBC-EVAL-09 Universal Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit.

Please see for more information this Cymbet product. 

Have you considered Energy-Harvesting?

Small-Scale Energy-Harvesting solutions have existed for some time. Where traditional solutions have generated relatively small amounts of energy, limiting the number of possibilities, our Electrodynamic EH technology is generating significantly higher amounts of energy. The opportunities are vast and we are eager to work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs, contact us with your EH goals.

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