Wireless Diesel Tachometer

Jennova's Diesel Tachometer creates a straightforward solution for reading RPM. The Diesel Tach uses Jennova's Energy-Harvesting technology as a self-powered sensor/transmitter. The RPM data is gathered and transmitted wirelessly to the receiver. Unlike traditional methods of reading RPM, Jennova's Tach reads pulses directly from the spin of the engine. This is achieved by attaching 2-4 small neodymium magnets to either the engines flywheel or harmonic balancer. The small sensor can then be set wherever the operator prefers, at this point all that remains is installing the receiver. This method creates a simplified and permanent solution for any diesel motor, whether that may be in a vehicle, a backup generator, turbine, or more.

Jennova currently offers two options:

1. An integrated reciever inside the Tachometer Gauge


3-75inch-80mm-Racing-Car-0-8000-RPM-Carbon-Fiber-font-b-Tachometer-b-font-fontDSC 0096 Editcopy


2. An external receiver 


DSC 0091Edit

The external receiver option is ideal for people who already have a display or are looking for a different gauge than the one Jennova offers.

This is a brief video demonstrating the installation process

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*note: this video is slightly outdated, be on the lookout for an updated video coming soon

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