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“Innovation is the spark from which the flame of progress arises.”


Founded in 2008, Jennova
is dedicated to creating breakthrough products that benefit both mankind and the environment. Jennova is an R&D company that manufactures as well as licenses our designs as enhancements to an existing line or as stand-alone products. Our primary focus is energy creation, and with multiple projects underway, we look ambitiously towards a future of unlimited possibilities.



Lab5 edited-1Jennova was founded by Terry Pennisi. Now a life-long career in the technical field, he started in the navy at a young age and took quickly to new technologies, and was a reactor operator, qualified in the first class to work on the new Nimitz class reactor design. Following his naval career he held various technical jobs that required him to think creatively to solve and prevent problems. Creating test equipment, writing operating programs, and developing preventative maintenance procedures are only a few of the jobs he preformed that required his unique vision. By always putting a priority on continuing his education he has been able to stay on top of the industries advancements. With an outside-the-box mentality and dedication to his craft, it was only a matter of time before his own ideas became clear enough to pursue.


As mankind pushes forward in its pursuit of knowledge and technologicalLab3 edited-1
advancement, we see an ever-increasing need for innovation in how we harvest and use energy. We cannot continue to rely on the same methods and resources implemented during the industrial era. It is imperative that we find new and better sources of energy creation, and for that reason Jennova’s mission is to introduce revolutionary energy-creation products that are environmentally friendly, lasting, cost-effective, and able to support our growing energy needs as technology continues to advance.

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Have you considered Energy-Harvesting?

Small-Scale Energy-Harvesting solutions have existed for some time. Where traditional solutions have generated relatively small amounts of energy, limiting the number of possibilities, our Electrodynamic EH technology is generating significantly higher amounts of energy. The opportunities are vast and we are eager to work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs, contact us with your EH goals.

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