Jennova is an engineering company focused on developing technologies that change the way we use energy. We strive to make our products highly adaptable to any existing or new infrastructure. Our current energy harvesting technology is easily customized to fit a growing number of output needs. 

Recent Events

The 2015 Sensor Expo in Long Beach, CA was an exciting event. We are thankful for all the hard work put in to bring such a positive show together. If we met with you at the event and you haven't heard from us yet, or you are looking for more information on our technology, please contact us today.

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New Technology Release

Jennova's electrodynamic energy-harvesting technology is now fully patented. Our exclusive method is compact, highly scalable, and capable of significant outputs, creating opportunity for more energy-harvesting solutions than ever before. 

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Request More Info

Our technology is opening up a world of opportunities that have never existed before. For more information on our products and to find out how they can benefit you contact us with any questions you may have.

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EH Intro Video

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Our Vision

 “To introduce revolutionary energy-creation products that are environmentally friendly, long lasting, cost effective, and able to support our growing global energy needs as technology continues to advance.”

Have you considered Energy-Harvesting?

Small-Scale Energy-Harvesting solutions have existed for some time. Where traditional solutions have generated relatively small amounts of energy, limiting the number of possibilities, our Electrodynamic EH technology is generating significantly higher amounts of energy. The opportunities are vast and we are eager to work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs, contact us with your EH goals.

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